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New Facebook Call To Action Button Will It Benefit your Business?

Facebook New Call to Action Button Faces Mixed Reviews

Facebook recently tested a new call-to-action button with several US Facebook Pages. The button, which will be available worldwide in 2015 has been met with mixed reviews.While some pages have noted excellent results, the wording of the button has not been useful to other pages at all.
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What changes would other pages like to see? Here is a brief synopsis of the new Facebook Call to Action Button and changes suggested by dissatisfied Facebook page admins. https://www.facebook.com/business/news/call-to-action-button

New for Facebook Pages: Calls to Action 

Facebook is building new ways for people to interact with businesses, and recently unveiled a new call-to-action feature meant to help Facebook Pages drive business objectives. The call-to-action button as shown in the example below, is located to the left of the current Like button.
New Facebook Call-to-Action Button -Image from Facebook

Facebook Call to Action Button Kudos

The new Facebook Call-to-Action button links to any destination on or off Facebook and is meant to align with a business’s goals.  The button will be accessible on mobile devices

Facebook Call to Action Button - Improvements Needed

Unfortunately, the wording of the Facebook Call to Action button is missing the mark for some pages. Currently, page admins can select from the following actions:

  • Book Now 
  • Contact Us 
  • Use App 
  • Play Game 
  • Shop Now 
  • Sign Up 
  • Watch Video 
Since many Facebook pages are set up by non-profits, one logical addition would be "Donate" Another missing call to action - "Subscribe" would be welcomed by many page admins. Could Facebook simply allow page admins to designate their own choice of Button wording? While it might solve some problems, it could also create a major headache with people reporting violations. Perhaps a solution could be for Facebook to allow page admins to request wording for their Call to Action Button.
Facebook highlighted  online retailer Dollar Shave Club, as an example of a page using the call-to-action button to successfully boost its customer acquisition efforts. However, other page admins found none of the seven calls-to-action available suit their page.
Would the available calls to action benefit your page?
Watch for the new Call to Action Button to roll out in your country soon.
Wishing you success,

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Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed
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