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#AD Have Great Digital Skills? You Could Make Money Teaching with Pluralsight!

Pluralsight Seeks Digital Teachers to Create Online Courses!

Pluralsightt, dedicated to providing great training for Digital Developers since 2004 has been growing by leaps and bounds. If you have great digital skills and a passion to helping others improve their skills, you could make money developing online courses with Pluralsight.
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What types of courses does Pluralsight offer?

Pluralsight Digital Online Courses

 PLuralsight Courses to take  Digital Skills to the Next Level
Plurarsight Helps Take Your Digital Skills to the Next Level
Pluralsight offers a wide variety of online courses to help people increase their digital skills. Want to teach kids computer programming? Improve your Photoshop skills? Create Apps? Sell Video Games? You name it, they have it.
With over 4,000 online courses, you might think Pluralsight has all bases covered, but as we all know, the digital world is constantly changing, and your skills are needed.

How Does Pluralsight Pay Teachers? 

Plurasight works collaboratively with teachers to help them develop their online digital courses and curriculum. When you've completed a course you're paid for completing the course, plus residuals for as long as people are taking the course.
What are the courses like?
Courses can be taken on a wide variety of devices including laptops, desktops, and even phones, so courses are available whenever and wherever web developers want to increase their digital skills.
Pluralsight courses offer free previews, and consist of several modules.
Take advantage of a free 10 day trial at Plurasight to check out their courses, and contact Plurasightt with your course ideas.
Wishing you success,

About Suzanne Sholer
image  Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed Social Media Marketing Enthusiast
Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed
Growing up a daughter of serial entrepreneurs, gave me an appreciation for small business marketing.  Add to that  a passion for empowering others, a B.A. B.Ed with undergrad courses in psychology of marketing gained through media studies, and you get Blogged Tips - A DIY file of Social Media Tips where I blog solutions to Social Media questions.
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I've had several queries asking me to put together a Bloggers Conference.
Would you be interested in taking part?
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