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How to DeleteYour Blogger Blog - Tips Plus Points to Ponder!

Deleting Your Blogger Blog? Why? 

 Did you know : If you delete your blog, it will no longer be available online and will be permanently removed from your list of blogs on your Blogger Dashboard. Think carefully before you delete a blog, especially if it is shared by a team!
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StatCounter- Unique Visitor Count Plus More! [Review]

StatCounter- Which Site Statistics Are You Seeking?

StatCounter offers free cookie-based statistics widgets you can use to determine how successful your site is, and then use those statistics to help improve your site, or increase ad revenues. Here is a brief overview of what StaCounter offers, along with a couple of caveats.
Statistics Available Through StatCounter

SatCounter Free Statistics-

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Why Do Facebook Post Impressions Vary ?

Our Readers Write: Why Do Facebook Post Impressions Vary So Much?

Nick H. Writes: Sometimes page posts receive extremely low impressions, why? My page has almost 3,000 likes, and usually a post will receive between 2000 and 4000 impressions, but occasionally and more frequently recently - a post will get less than 100.

 Why Facebook Post Impressions Can Vary

The number of impressions for a page can depend on a large number of factors including: time of day posted, number of other posts posted at that time, and whether people find your post interesting enough to share it with others. In addition to this, if it nay be grouped with a number of other posts automatically posted using certain for example  Networked blogs  or posts of a similar topic  ie Valentines .

In addition, Facebook changes now choose to show the most popular posts in a feed, rather than the most recent posts to people and pages subscribed to your page.

Do Facebook Interest Lists Influence Impressions? 

Despite false rumours and bruhaha  that Facebook is MAKING pages pay to be seen, interest lists have little effect on whether page posts are seen. Paying to promote your posts is simply another way Facebook is offering a paid solution to page owners to reach their fans.There is a much more influential FREE way to reach more of your fans - The new RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS could really boost yout page visibility.

How to Boost Your Facebook Page Visibility

Facebook Page Visibility is linked to the Facebook Algorithm which dsplays posts according to tge likliehood of people interacting with those posts.  First your posts are shown to those who most recently Liked posts,shared or commented on them, then it sends the posts to the next most likely candidates. Therefore, it is important to increase engagement with your page to boost visibility. 

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