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Free Essential Blogging Tool:Notepad?

Notepad Review,and Tutorial!

Notepad: Who Needs It?

Forums are filled with people asking why their feed stopped working,usually it has to do with incompatible code that has been copied from another document along with the formatting. Read on to find out how the Free program Notepad, is an essential tool for Bloggers.

Notepad Performs Essential Task

Notepad seems innocuous at first glance,a 'Plain Jane' place to type things with no bells,nor whistles. Do not let this fool you. Notepad is an essential tool for copy and paste Bloggers. If you are posting items from other sources to your blog-word documents,for example,Notepad can save you a lot of headaches. Notepad removes formatting from other sources. While you may like the formatting that exists in the source document,the code for that formatting may not be compatible with your blogging platform,or your feed. By copying from the source document to Notepad prior to pasting it into a compatible formatting program,like 'Windows Live Writer' or Wordpress or Blogger,you are going to save yourself a tom of headaches down the road.

Notepad: Where to Find It

Notepad usually comes pre-installed on your computer. To find Notepad,click:
  1. Start
  2. All Programs
  3. Accessories
  4. Notepad

Using Notepad

Using Notepad,as a code stripping tool.is simple:
  1. Open Notepad,and paste the writing from your source document into it.
  2. Next, click ‘Format’, and ensure 'Word Wrap' does not have a tick beside it.
  3. Finally, copy amd paste the information from Notepad into your destination document,and format it woth compatible code. I highly recommend using the Free program ‘Windows Live Writer’ as a powerful Blogging tool for formatng your work.
Using Notepad, will help keep your code clean,and your blog feed running smoothly,saving you hours of frustration later down the road.

Please try this tutorial,and drop me a comment letting me know about any difficulties you may have had using the instructions. On the other hand it the instructions worked well for you, please leave a note to let others know it has your stamp of approval. Thanks!


Suzanne Sholer said...

I learned the importance of stripping code the hard way, Hopwfully,this will help others

Truck Driver Training said...

There are probably a thousand Blogging Tools available to
help make blogging a more efficient and enjoyable process.

Ashley Fosson Baker said...
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