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Facebook.com/business Review-Read This!

Facebook Unveils Business Friendly Section!

Facebook unveiled a new online guide to help small businesses use their social networking site. How helpful is 'Facebook for Business'?

What is Facebook for Business?Facebook-for-Business

Facebook for Business is a new set of web pages, within Facebook, which aims to make it easier  for businesses to use Facebook. The new ‘online education center’ found at Facebook.com/business, gives directions on such things as how to:
  • set up a business page,
  • link your page to a place,
  • connect your site to Facebook with buttons and widgets,
  • keep people interested in your page
  • Create ads
  • create ‘sponsored stories’
  • Use Facebook’s platform with apps,and Facebook credits

Is Facebook for Business Helpful?

This new reconfiguration of help articles as ‘Facebook for Business’ is definitely much easier to navigate than the previous help section. While Facebook discretely disguises ads for paid Facebook advertising, and sponsored stories. as helpful tips, Facebook for Business is certainly an improvement. However, there seem to be three glaring omissions in Facebook for Business:

Facebook for Business Three Missing Essential Ingredients:

  1. Why Use Pages VS. Profiles? The explanation of why businesses should use pages. rather than personal profiles,.is non-existent. Facebook needs to improve their 'Call to Action', and point out the advantages of using a Facebook page rather than a personal profile or group.
  2. Why Set up a Facebook Business Page through a Personal Profile? Not only is it in Facebook’s best interests, to have each business owner set up a personal profile as a person, but the ease of using businesses pages is greatly increased if a business page is set up  through a personal profile. 'Facebook for Business' is accessible.without entering Facebook, and no mention is made of personal profiles. Facebook definitely missed the boat on this one.
  3. Where to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business? Handy, easy to click links, need to be inserted in each step of Facebook for business, rather than offering choices in the bottom left corner of each page. Logical link placement would greatlt improve the guide and increase Facebook's ROI.

Facebook for Business Helpful? Well …

Facebook for Business is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately,when Facebook set up this guide Facebook missed out on the most essential part - links to accomplish each step, Business owners do not have time to go searching for the links. When people are in business, they are busy! Putting links within each step would really go a long way towards making this guide helpful. While Facebook for Business, is an improvement, hopefully Facebook will stop hiding links in obscure places, and make it easier for businesses to spend less time on Facebook, and more time on their business.

Want to Spend Less Time on Facebook, and Focus on Your Business?

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Read the Article that Inspired this Post: Nice timing: Facebook debuts “Facebook for Business”


Olov Forsgren said...

Another great article Suzanne, thanks, olov

Suzanne said...

Thanks Olov,
I value Facebook as a great tool,and would like to see it made more accessible to groups and businesses.

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