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Handy Twitter Tool Tweet Spinner


TWITTER Tuesday Tool Profile

Tweet Spinner just popped onto my horizon through a Tweet from “@georgeclegg” who apparently uses it to manage his followers. I am starting to really see the value in having a utility like Tweet Spinner as my followers are starting to climb exponentially, and I want to be sure I follow people back who take the time to follow me. At the same time, I’m getting a little tired of tagging after some of these accounts that want to send me spammy DM messages, and don’t even have the courtesy to follow me back.
Tweet Spinner Features List
Here are the features available in Tweet Spinner:

  • Find/Follow filters
  • Schedule tweets/etc
  • Smart purges
  • Followbacks
  • Find followers by keyword
  • Find followers by mimic
  • Prune spammers
  • Faster schedules
  • Rules-based DMs
  • Customize filters
  • Location filters
  • Smart immunization
  • Import blocked users
  • View purged/added
  • Schedule follows/purges
  • DM de-spam & archiving
  • Custom app tweeting
I just signed up for the basic free membership, which includes the first five features for one Twitter account, but I’m tempted to take one of the higher editions for a free spin, since I have multiple Twitter accounts, and would like to create some rules based DM’s. I wonder if the rules include sending an automessage to people who send you spammy DM messages with affiliate links.

The advanced edition for $15 a month includes 2 Twitter accounts and all the features. Then the memberships go up from there, allowing users to have 5 ($21/month) or up to 50 Twitter accounts (latter for Social Media companies only). The editions with more accounts also include faster scheduling of the automating process.
Take Tweet Spinner for a spin and tell me what you think of it.

Note:If you use the link in my post, to sign up for a Paid membership, I may be able to eventually buy a pro membership too! (Basic members make 25% per referral, and Pro members make 40% per referral. Hmm.. if I signed up for a pro edition, 5 new subscribers per month could pay for the pro edition, and give me a little extra too.There’s something to think about! )
Here’s my referral link:
Thanks for using it!


Suzanne said...

Glad I blogged this. Time to use it again. My followers are growing exponentially.

SuzSaver said...

Did you know Twitter has made some changes?
If you haven't logged into Tweet Spinner in a while,you'll need to reauthorize Tweet Spinner to DM you.

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