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Promote Your Business Using Facebook Events

How To Create Facebook Events

Using Facebook Events to promote your group or business is a great strategy, Here are the basic steps involved in creating a Facebook event using the ‘Events App’. Further posts will cover how to spread the word about your event, how to promote your page and business using your event, why you want to create a new event each time, and more helpful tips. Questions? Comments? Don’t be shy! Drop me a private comment below, and mark it private if you rather it not be shown.
Steps for creating Facebook Events

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and choose to ‘Use Facebook as Page'.
  2. Click ‘Edit Page’ in the right column.
  3. Click ‘Apps’ in the left column.
  4. Click ‘Go to App’ below the Events App,as shown to right.facebook Page Creating EventsSelect Go to App
  5. Select the Time your event starts and finishes.
  6. Add an event photo.
  7. Complete the information –include a link for more information on your site, or other internet location,
  8. Click ‘Save Event’.
  9. Click ‘1’m attending’.
  10. Click ‘Update Fans of (your page)'.
  11. Write a note to your page fans.(more about notes later)
  12. Click on the name of your page –beside ‘Created’ to return to your page.
  13. Click on ‘Wall’. You will see the event you created is on your wall.
  14. Click ‘Use Facebook as (your name)'.
It’s your turn! Was this helpful? If you used this tip to create an event, let me know! Leave a link to your event below! Suggestions for improvements? Love to hear them!


Olov Forsgren said...

Great tip Suzanne! I see that I have really missed to use Facebook events.

I need to get going on this one.

Thanks, Olov

Suzanne said...

Yes, Facebook events,can really help a business maintain contact with the people who "Like" their page. One more important tip, is to make sure you write a comment,to welcome visitors to the event,so a person less familiar with Facebook will be able to readily add a comment.

Suzanne Sholer said...

Facebook is removing the ability to 'Update Fans of a page' when creating events,as of September 30th . How do you feel about this? It's the question of the day in our new poll. Facebook Removing Ability For Pages to Update Fans What do you think?

0092 said...

Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to reading more text 
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