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Do you have some blogging tips? If you are looking for a place to help get the word out about your website or blog, your company, a new product or just want a place to write an article and include a few links, then we can certainly help you out. We are building a resource for people who want to find out information about all different types of blogging and blogging tools so if you submit a well-written, informative article of 300+ words we will give you 2 dofollow backlinks.
The Rules
  1. Please do not put any affiliate links in the body of your article or in the author’s bio section. If you do this and we really like your article, we will simply strip it out, but it better be Hemingway quality. If you do this and we are wishy-washy about your article we just won’t publish it.
  2. Include one image – use one that is not under copyright. Images do great things for content so yes, we want you to send us one.
  3. We reserve the right to make changes for grammar and punctuation. Not everyone is an English major, so Ii we catch little things we will change them. If you send us something that requires too much editing then we will need to say, “No Thank You.”
  4. Do not publish the same article anywhere else. This hurts both of us. We occasionally scan our articles for duplicate content. If we catch you, we get angry.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse publication for any reason. It’s our site, we are here to help but some writing may just not be up to par for what we are trying to provide to our readers.
If we do accept your article for publication we will let you know with a link. If you are unsure about anything, please use the contact us form to reach us and we will answer your questions. You can also email us at the address listed below.
If you are ready to send us an article then you can email it to us in the body of your email send it to http://scr.im/webwizard.
We really do look forward to receiving your articles so start sending them!

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