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5 Blog Myths Keeping People From Blogger!

Blogger Baloney!

Where these myths started, I have no idea, but I am fed up with these fallacies getting in the way of people using great free tools. Have you heard these myths? Are any of these holding you back?  Are there other blogging myths you've heard? Please share! Let's bury these once and for all!

What is a Blog?

First of all,what is a blog? I discovered blogs,when I wanted a medium,which would allow me to quickly,and easily, update information on sites,and easily integrate with a wide variety of platforms. Blog is short for Web Log. There are a great variety of blogs out on the internet,from news sites,to technical journals,to private members only sites. Blogs are fast becoming the top place to have your product seen. Top companies even pay bloggers to write about their products,

Top Five Blog Myths Keeping People From Blogger

1. Blog Myth One: A website or Wordpress will give you a higher Page rank than a Blogger blog.This myth may have been started by someone in the dot com,or WordPress business. Word press is a blog! I have a WordPress,and assist people with their WordPress sites. WordPress charges money for what you get to do on Blogger for free. Many dot coms are hosted on the Blogger platforms. High Page rank can be achieved by free blogs as well as websites.There are many factors involved in achieving page rank.
2.  Blog Myth Two: Blogs are just for: inspirational stories, reflections,blah,blah,blah. Blogs range in content much the same as books,with the added advantage of being able to have multimedia integrated,such as videos, pictures,interactive maps,and more. Online newspapers are far from inspirational - they are blogs.
3. Blog Myth Three: Blogs take a lot of time. Blogs,just as websites, do not need to be updated, it is all a matter of choice. If you are using Facebook or Twitter,what you are writing there could just as easily be written in a blog.Search engines do love fresh meat, blogs that are updated often do pull higher ranking.
4. Blog Myth Four: People will write all kinds of things on my blog. You set your parameters for your blog. You do not need to let anyone comment on your blog. It's your choice. Blog comments can help boost search engine ranking. The free Disqus program I use for blog comments is set to allow a number of trusted colleagues to comment at will,other comments must be approved by me. Please let me know if I have missed adding you to my trusted commenters list.
5. Blog Myth Five: You need to be a geek to use blogger. Thanks for the compliment! Truth is, if you can write an email,you can use Blogger. It's quite simple. I have blogs on other platforms as well including Wordpress,but Blogger is my favourite for many reasons.
So what's keeping you from starting a Blogger blog? Leave a comment,and let me know. Ready to take Blogger for a spin? Just click the 'Create a blog' button in the top right corner to get started.

Note: This article contains no affiliate links, nor am I being paid a sou for this opinion. I'm just tired of seeing small businesses being held back from using free tools,which could greatly benefit them.
Want tips on setting up a Blogger blog,as a Website?

Blogger:Free Website Builder,Hosting Tool> Easy Customizing Tips


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Kapil Shrestha said...

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