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Twitter Meets Photobucket – Concerns?

Twitter Introduces In-Tweet Photos - Will It Influence Your Tweets?

Twitter's new introduction of direct uploading has people speculating about the future of 3rd party apps, such as TwitPics, that were developed specifically to upload pictures to Twitter. How will the ability to upload pictures directly into the Twitter stream affect your Tweets? For me.this new introduction has been a pain, because I am getting constant invitations to share a photo from Twitter,each time I go to my mentions category. I went in search of an answer in the FAQ,which gives some background info on their new 'option'.

Want to know how to Upload Pics directly to Twitter? Here are some of  the FAQ adapted from Twitter:

How to Upload Pictures Directly to Twitter

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Lost Your Blogger Blog? Try This!

Is Your Blog Not Showing up?

You may have misspelled your blog name when you created it- Happens to the best of us Check out what YrHelper Infonut did with http://Deals4Canda.blogspot.com Sometimes we are sure we've typed the right blog address,but we still can't find it. Here's a quick easy way to find a lost blog:
To find your lost Blogger blog the easy way:
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Facebook.com/business Review-Read This!

Facebook Unveils Business Friendly Section!

Facebook unveiled a new online guide to help small businesses use their social networking site. How helpful is 'Facebook for Business'?

What is Facebook for Business?Facebook-for-Business

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