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Google Adword Suspended? Disapproved? Try This!

Disapproved Google Adwords May Need Tweaking – Suspended? Tweak Your Site!

Often Suspended or Disapproved Google Adwords,may only need a little Tweaking to fulfill advertising policies. Here;s how to find out what needs to be fixed,and what to do,once you have remedied the problem.

Disapproved? Suspended? What does it Mean?

Disapproved means that the ad doesn't follow Google advertising policies. Suspended means that the advertised website doesn't follow their advertising policies.
You can usually fix the issue, and get your ad running, by following the steps below for 'disapproved' or 'suspended' ads.

Fixing a Disapproved or Suspended Ad.

1. Learn why the ad was disapproved or suspended.  You can find out why your ad was disapproved or suspended, by checking your email, or accessing your Google Adwords Dashboard. Check your email for the disapproval or suspension email notice. The email will have a short description of the policy violation, as well as a link to learn more about the policy. Read the policy to understand why your ad was disapproved or suspended.  Another way to learn about the disapproval or suspension, is to go to the Ads tab of your Adwords account, and click the white speech bubble next to the word 'Disapproved 'or 'Suspended'.  Here you will find more more information to explain why your ad is not running.
Have a large account? You can also use filters to find disapproved ads across your account.
2. Edit the ad or site and re-submit it for review.
Editing a Disapproved Ad
  • Sign in to your AdWords account at adwords.google.co.uk
  • Click the Campaigns tab.
  • Navigate to the Ads tab.
  • Click the text of your ad (or pencil icon) to edit the headline, text, Display URL or Destination URL so that it fixes the policy issue.*
  • Click Save. Your ad will be automatically re-submitted for review. It usually takes about 1-3 working days for ads to get reviewed.
    * Note: In some cases, you might also have to make changes to the advertised website  to comply with policies.
Editing the Site of a Suspended Ad
  • Make changes to the advertised website, so that it follows the policy guidelines.
  • After making those website changes, contact Google Adwords, describing the changes that you've made.
    After Google AdWords Specialists confirm that your site is fine, re-save your ad to automatically re-submit the ad for review. It typically takes about 1-3 working days for ads to be reviewed.
Each specific policy violation differs, If you are puzzled be the legalese in the policy regarding your specific situation, please leave a comment, for a general answer, or contact us using our form.

Hope these tips help! To book mark this page,press 'CTRL + D'.

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