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How Safe is Your Password? Jimmy Kimmel Highlights Major Security Problem!

How Can People Protect Themselves Online? Jimmy Kimmel Show Reveals How People Get Hacked!

Is your password secure?
Did you know the most popular password in the United States is Password123?
Did you know even very secure passwords can be guessed? The Jimmy Kimmel Show recently revealed one of the biggest security risks to people's passwords -themselves! This Post has a trending clip from the Jimmy Kimmel showing how easy it is to get people to reveal their password, tips on creating a secure password, and tips for remembering your password.
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So how easy is it to guess your password?
Here's what Jimmy Kimmel Show discovered!

Jimmy Kimmel Show Asks What Is Your Password?

Here's what the Jimmy Kimmel Show discovered about internet security.  Hmm what was that old saying? "Loose lips sink ships?
image Jimmy Kimmel Show - What is Your Password? Man being asked his password
Jimmy Kimmel Show - What is Your Password?

How to Create a Secure Password

Ideally a password should have at least 8 symbols and include at least one of each of the following:
  • Uppercase Letter ie R
  • Number ie 8
  • Symbol ie #
Some systems do not allow symbols to be used. You'll want to have at least three different passwords: -

  1. One for your financial Institution.
  2. One for your email.
  3. One you use to log into a myriad of nonessentials like games. 
It is a good idea to change your passwords monthly. 

How Can You Remember Your Passwords?

It's amazing how many people keep their banking password on a piece of paper with their bank card! Similarly, saving your password to a browser makes your accounts vulnerable, as does doing online banking on public wifi.
Some people will write all their passwords in a little note book and keep it handy in a desk drawer - how secure is this? Who might gain access to your desk?
How convenient is this?  Do you do all your computing from that desk? Is your desk tidy? 
It may be more convenient to click the "forgot passwords" button, and have them email you a password reset link.

Creative Password Memory Solution

Some people will create an easily remembered passwords by substituting letters for numbers in their password.
For example = F0r3xaMpl3*
The problem with only keeping passwords in your memory was shown to me when I was injured, and I lost a chunk of my memory due to trauma. It took me ages to regain access to my Twitter account.
So how do you keep your passwords secure and accessible?
Wishing you success,

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