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Vizify Gives Generous Refunds! 3 Important Things You Need to Know!

Yahoo Purchases Vizify - Did You Get Your Refund?

Vizify was all about making you look awesome by visualizing the data you posted on other sites and services, while that data will continue to live on those other sites and services,Vizify began sunsetting their services earlier this year.  Did you get your Vizify refund?
We just found out about Vizify from a Twitter follower.  sounds like it was a great service.When Yahoo, purchased Vizify, several steps were taken to notify account holders if you missed the email, you will want to know the following three important things:

3 Important Vizify Tips

Vizify offers sunset refunds
Did You Get Your Vizify Refund?
For existing Vizify bioholders and accounts, they’re taking a few extra steps:
  1.  Have a Paid Vizify plan? Good news! For those of you with a current paid plan, they'll be issuing a full refund for everything you've paid Vizify. Wow! If you have an active paid plan, you’ll get a refund for the full amount you’ve spent on Vizify. Yes, the full amount – not just your current month or a pro-rated amount, but every dollar you’ve spent on Vizify. Refunds will have been placed back on the credit card you used to pay for the service in the next few weeks. Didn't get your refund yet? Perhaps your credit card information changed. You will want to email them ASAP.
  2. Did you  register a domain through Vizify? Good news! For Premium customers who registered a domain through Vizify (like your-name.com), search your email for the  instructions they sent so you can assume ownership of your domain, free of charge. 
  3. Want to save your Vizify content? Welll... this news is not so great. You needed to apply before April 7, 2014  to opt-in to “archive” a snapshot of your current bio that would remain live at the same URL through September 4, 2014. 
For more information, see the FAQ on Vizify.
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1 comment:

SuzSaver said...

What aspects of Vizify did you like best? Is there another platform that will do the same job for you?

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