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Free Embeddable Online Character Count Tool by JavaScriptKit! 5 SEO Tips Using JavaScriptKit Tools!

How Many Characters? Great SEO Tool!

Need Search Engine Optimization? Long tail key words in your first 150 characters for meta descriptions are essential. Count your characters, and find out how embedding this tool on your site could help increase your SEO.
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Free JavaScript Character Count Tool - SEO Uses

JavaScript Kit has many free tools and tutorials including this Free Character Count Tool. How can embedding this tool on your website help your SEO? What should you watch for when embedding tools? Good questions! Let's answer them!
SEO Tips Embedding JavaScriptKit Character Count Tool
Free Embeddable Online Character Counting Tool SEO Tips

5 SEO Tips Using Free Character Counter by JavaScriptKit

  1. Search Engine Optimization, includes decreasing bounce rates. Onsite tools can decrease bounce rate by engaging visitors in an activity. Search Engine algorithm places high importance on the time spent on site, as well as the number of pages visited.
  2. Search Engine Optimization, includes encouraging return visitors. Posting free relevant onsite tools will bring visitors back to use those tools. What tools are relevant for your site? What do your visitors need? This free online character counter javascript is helpful for people developing meta tags, mystery shoppers, writers, job applicants, and contest entrants. What tools do your site visitors need?
  3. Search Engine Optimization, includes keeping Search Engines Functioning. Use Do Not Follow links when including the link to JavaScriptKit unless JaveaScriptKit chooses to post a link back to your site.You may also want to have the link open in a new tab depending on who your users are and what tools these use to access your site.
  4. Search Engine Optimization, includes decreasing page Load time. JavaScript does not play well for all computer users and can make your page take forever to load, increasing your bounce rate. Posting JavaScript below the fold can help prevent this problem. 
  5. Search Engine Optimization, includes getting numerous relevant links to your site. Could you develop a piece of useful script for others to use? By developing a piece of script, you too could have numerous sites link to you too.
Caveat: When embedding Free Online tools into your site, check any links that lead back to websites frequently. I once embedded a pice of Javascript on numerous blogs that then populated all my blogs with the source's Google Adsense directly below the piece of "free" JavaScript. This JavaScriptKit code appears clean. Also some tools we use might stop working if the site goes down I don't see any of the problems with this piece of script.If you use a noFollow link to the website, you won't have to worry about losing "link juice" due to future 404 errors.

Free JavaScript Online Character Count Tool - How To Use

Simply type or copy and paste your words into the box, Click "Calculate Characters", and your character count will appear in the smaller box.

This free script provided by JavaScript Kit

Free JavaScriptkit Embeddable Character Counter - Add It Now!

How can you add this free JavaScriptKit Online Character Counter to your site?
Directions: Simply copy everything inside the box and paste it where you wish the script to appear:
What I particularly like about this script is that it uses 100% for the table width which allows it to be embedded into a side bar as well.
May God Bless you as you bless others,


SuzSaver said...

How do you think embedding a tool can help your site? Any other caveats people should watch for?

Lisa Anderson said...

nice and good work

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