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How to Decrease Bounce Rate : LinkWithin [Tips Plus Review]

How CanYou Easily Show Related Posts? Use LinkWithin!

LinkWithin a free javascript app allows you to automatically show related - or semi-related posts to readers on your blog. This can increase page views and decrease bounce rate.  Why do you want to show related posts using LinkWithin? How can you change the position of the LinkWithin related posts? How can you change the wording on the LinkWithin Gadget? These are a few LinkWithin Tips explored in this post.

Why Show Related Posts Using LinkedWithin?

LinkWithin Can Increase Page Views
When you show readers related posts at the bottom of your article, you are increasing the chances, they will stick around and read more, and perhaps even subscribe to your blog if they find it has enough interesting information. I have been using Linked Within on my blogs for quite a while, and I have been pleased with the internal referrals I see in my stats. Using the Linked Within app easily automates posting of archived headlines or images to your blog post. You can choose to have 3 or 5 related posts, and if you blog on a dark background, you can choose an option that will work for you too.

Which Blogs Work Best With LinkWithin?

LinkWithin works best when you use catchy titles, great images, and label your posts with relevant tags. While LinkWithin is most appealing on blogs that have images: ie recipe blogs, gardening blogs, how to blogs; LinkWithin will still work for you if you have no images.  No image or few images? No problem! LinkWithin will display a link list of several of your archived articles.

How to Install Linked Within Related Posts? 

LinkWithin Application
Installing LinkWithin related posts is easy peasy!
  1. Surf over to LinkWithin.
  2. Type in  your email xxx@xxx.com and url http://xxxxxxx.com - be sure it is the email you use to log into your blog.
  3. Choose your platform ie Blogger,Wordpress, Typepad, or Other.
  4. Choose the number of posts desired.
  5. Click the "Get Widget" button.
  6. Install the code in the manner specified in the directions
Have more than one blog? Simply repeat!

Installing LinkWithin on Blogger

As the dashboard on LinkWithin shows, dragging the widget to just under the posts area, is supposed to make the widget work better. It may take some time for the related posts to show on your blog,. If after a few days, the LinkWithin related posts are not showing,  or if you find you chose the wrong number of posts for the width of your blog. Go through the steps again.

How to Change the LinkWithin Position

Want to change the LinkWithin related posts position? This can be a bit tricky, and only advised if you are comfortable tinkering with the code on your site.
  1. Open the html then download and save your template. 
  2. Next search for the LinkWithin code line <div class="linkwithin_div"></div>. 
  3. Found it? Good erase the code, then paste it where you want the posts to appear. 
  4. Preview your template. Looking good?
  5. Save your template!

How to Change Your LinkWithin Words

Sample LinkWithin Section image free to use from Blogged Tips Text reads " You might also like"
Sample LinkWithin section from Blogged Tips
The words on the LinkWithin widget usually read "You may also like these stories". Does your blog have recipes, or tips, or crafts? You may wish to personalize this message. Simply use the method above for changing the LinkWithin position, but add the following line of script:<script>linkwithin_text='Your custom text:'</script>.
By using LinkWithin, you offer you readers more tempting choices, giving them a reason to linger, and read a little longer.
Now it's your turn. Tell us : How do you link related stories on your blog? Do you like LinkWithin as much as we do?Having LinkWithin Problems? Drop us a comment, and we'll try to help.

Happy Linking!

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