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10 ROI Tips to Help Your Biz Win! - Running Facebook Giveaways!

Facebook Giveaways 10 ROI Tips That May Help Your Business Win!

Giveaways can give a good return on investment when done properly. After researching and blogging Canadian Giveaways for several years, There are a few things I've noticed that can make a greater return on investment for a business using a giveaway for publicity and promotion.
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Here are 10 steps you may wish to consider when planning your next giveaway.

Facebook Giveaways: 10 Steps for Successful Facebook Giveaways

Blogged Tips: Facebook Giveaways - ROI Tips Facebook Giveaways: Win! Win! Win!  Will Your Biz Win?
Giveaways Will Your Biz Win?
1. Decide on Your Goal, and Measurement Technique. Before posting a Giveaway, decide on your goal. Do you want a greater possibility of your Facebook Fans receiving your advertising? or Do you want a greater possibility of Fans making a purchase? Do you want current fans making more purchases, or more fans making purchases? 
How will you measure the success of your goal? Will your use tracking links? Create a spreadsheet of your current clients and purchasing patterns this can help you determine the success of your giveaway. 
2. Be aware of Rules and Regulations. Many Giveaway Apps have already done this legwork for you. Running a giveaway on your own? Be sure to dot your i's and cross your t's.There are special regulations involving ages of entrants, and where they live.
3. Choose a Prize and Delivery Method. The prize you award can help establish a buying habit. Most businesses are interested in gaining sales, yet their giveaways or prizes, rarely reflect this goal. You do want a prize that draws participants, but also including a gift certificate for your products or services can be the start of a beautiful customer service relationship. Do you have a brick and mortar store? Perhaps you want the winner to pick up their prize. Shipping the prize? Think about shipping costs.
4. Involve Minds and Hearts. Giveaways that tap into fans emotions and thinking can transfer your giveaway from a simple click in the short term memory into longterm relationship. Try asking people to make one comment about a happy memory related to your product, choosing a colour /flavour they would like their prize to be, or say how your services will improve their life. However, keep it simple! Too many rules upfront or complicated entry requirements can just frustrate potential customers. 
6, Collect Contacts. Collect emails,websites,Twitter links, birthdays, and permission to contact entrants about future special offers and giveaways. Put these in a spread sheet and track their engagement.  If they tweet about your Giveaway acknowledge the tweet and their participation.
7. Thank Participants. Offer a free download to participants. Send emails to participants thanking them for entering, along with a discount coupon or freebie. If they have a business, you might feature a blurb about their business in an enews blast or a post on your Facebook or blog.
8. Notify All Participants. If you collect emails using a 3rd party App, you can notify all participants about the winner, and encourage those who did not win to participate in the next giveaway, or subscribe to your monthly enews. You will want to make sure the email does not land in the Spam box, so word it carefully.
9. Follow Up. Check with the winner to be sure they are enjoying the prize. Give lots of customer service to those new fans of yours.
10, Assess Your Results and Celebrate. What were your goals? Greater Facebook Reach? More Purchases? It may take some time to see conversions. How people many clicked the link to read more information on your site? How many accepted the free download? Do you want to offer an update? If your free download has links to your site and your phone number, you may yet get referrals from your giveaway from unexpected places. Celebrate your success in establishing a better rapport with your fans, and learning more about clients preferences. Use the information you gained from this experience to improve your business.

Too Busy to Run a Successful Facebook Giveaway? Many bloggers, such as myself, can host a Facebook Giveaway for you on one of their blogs. Prices for hosting giveaways vary according to services provided and start at about $25 or equivalent product value, plus a prize work at least $25. Leave a confidential comment and I will contact you with a plan to fit your budget.

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Good luck with Your Giveaway!

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