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Google Plus Profile Picture Size - Free Template!

Setting Up Your Google Plus Page? This Free Template May Help!

Setting Up your G+ Page? Wondering about Google Plus profile picture sizes?  Here's a free template that may help.
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So what size should a Google Plus Profile pic be?
Glad you asked.

Creating Your Google Plus Profile Icon

Google Plus profile photos must be at least 250 px x 250 px. When setting up our latest G+ page we experimented with various picture sizes, and developed a free template you might find useful for creating your G+ profile photo.
If you upload a 250 x 250px  to be your Google Plus Profile photo, you'll find it shows the edges in your G+ Profile pic like this.
image Google Plus Profile Photo Size Example shows Blogged Tips Profile photo screen shot
Google Plus Profile Photo Size Example
In the example above, we used a 14 pt font in Lobster and Arial.
If you upload a 275 x 275 pix photo for your G+ profile picture, you'll get better results, as shown in the Google Plus Profile pic upload screenshot below.

The Google Plus Profile Pic upload cropping process removes the outer edge making a cleaner profile photo. Here's the screen shot of the 275 x 275 pix image used for a Google Plus profile photo - No edges showing!
image Blogged Tips Google Plus Profile Image 275 x 275 px
Google Plus Profile Image 275 x 275 px
To help readers of Blogged Tips make  Google+ Profile images more easily, we're sharing our Google Plus profile picture template.

How to Use the Free Google Plus Profile Photo Template

This Free Template is in Google Drive. and has an invisible inner square 250 x 250 px to help our readers align the most important parts of their Google+ Profile pic in the centre of the 275 x 275 px Google Profile Photo.
image Blogged Tips Free Template G+  Profile Photo Screen Shot  Inner Square 250 x 250 Outer 275 x 275 px
Free Template G+  Profile Photo Screen Shot
Using the Free Blogged Tips Google Plus Profile Picture Template is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Copy the Free Blogged Tips Google Plus Profile Picture Template.
  2. Add your own image or words.
  3. Download your new Google Plus Profile Pic as a  png file, and upload it to your Google + Page.
To see all the steps in our Google + Profile Photo Experiment check out the file on Google Plus .
Note: This link will open with a 3rd party ad. Click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner to proceed to the file.
G+ Profile Photo Experiment http://adf.ly/4009826/g-profile-photo-experiment-file
Wishing you success,

About Suzanne Sholer
image  Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed Social Media Marketing Enthusiast
Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed
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