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Setting Up Facebook Pages: Create a Page in 10 Steps!

Want to Set Up a Facebook Page? Here's How!

There are several reasons you might want to set up a Facebook page, Facebook pages are a great way for people who don't know you, to establish a connection with your product,service,or business.Facebook is second only to Google in usage as a search engine, so if you want to ‘get found’,set up a Facebook page! Setting up a basic Facebook Page can be done in about an hour using these ten steps:

  1. First, login to Facebook with your personal profile.This will make it much easier to manage your Facebook pages. Even if you are creating a page for another business, you will want to set up the page in this manner.
  2. Then, go to the 'Create a Page' Section on Facebook. Usually,you can find a link to this section in the bottom left hand column of another page. Can't find the link? Here it is: 'Create a Page'.
  3. Next, decide which type of page you are going to create. There are six main categories to choose from: local place or business; company,organization or institution; brand or product;artist,band or public figure; entertainment;and cause or community. Click the category which best suits your purposes.If you make a mistake,you can adjust your category later.
  4. Now, choose a sub-heading, where applicable.Currently, only the 'causes' section does not have any subheadings.
  5. Complete the basic page information. After entering the name of your page, accept the terms,and click 'Get Started'.
  6. Confirm your category. If you want people to stop in at your place, be sure to choose 'local business'.
  7. 'Like' your page, and complete all the information fields.
  8. Upload a picture to help people identify with your page.No camera? No problem! Use a public domain picture, or create a logo using a photo editing suite like Picnik.
  9. Are you a local business? Be sure to adjust your map and post your hours!
  10. Spread the Word! Treat it like a grand opening! Invite Facebook friends to see your page.Import contacts from your email list too.When you have 25 fans, you will be able to create a username for your page, so get the word out there!
Voila! Your page is created! Remember to post an update to welcome people to your page.Note:If you are creating a page for someone else, first click 'Use Facebook as (name of page)' in the right hand column.
Facebook pages right column
Remember, new messages are posted, above earlier messages,so you will want to create a welcome page, but this tutorial is just about setting up a Facebook page, we'll go into how to create a welcome page in another article.

Now it's your turn-What are your Facebook page concerns? Leave your comment below, and I'll do my best to answer your questions.



YrHelper Infonut said...

Used these tips to set up a page for my blog Freebies 4 Canada we have over 100 new followers in 1 week! Thanks!

Deborah Reale said...

my delema is that after its set up how do you post to your wall.

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