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How to Repost A Blog Feed Using Labels -

Repost a Feed of Specific Posts!

Ever wish you post a feed of specific articles? You can!

This little trick is a tweak added to info from Blogger Help, with a dash of my Feedburner experience. By using labels, you can select specific posts to add to a feed, and republish them with the "Buzz Boost" option on Feedburner. Similarly, if a blog you read is using labels, and has site feeds enabled, you can pick  and choose which topics you want to subscribe to as well.

The format for label feeds is this:


Blog help cautions:
Be sure to substitute in the correct blog address for blogname and the label you're interested in for labelname. Also, don't miss the hyphen ("-") in the URL. That's not a typo!
An additional caveat- Blogger Help left out this important info: If you are wanting a feed of a multi-word label,be sure to include" %20" between the words.
For example,
If you only wanted the Twitter Tips articles from Blogged Tips, you would replace the coloured sections as shown below:


How to Republish Specific Articles Using Feed Burner
These tips will help you republish a feed of specific posts using a Feedburner.
  1. Select the posts you wish to republish,and create a label for them.ie.Twitter Tips
  2. Sign into feedburner.com
  3. Burn a new feed using the label name feed as shown above.
  4. Select the 'Publicize" tab ad create a 'Buzz boost'
  5. Post the html code in an html box on your site, blog etc,
Here is the Resulting Buzz Boost of our Twitter Tips:

Ref:Can I get site feeds for specific labels?
Tool Used: Feedburner
Skill level: Medium (involves copying and pasting html)

Was this tip helpful for you? How are you using label feeds? Please take a second to share your thoughts, questions, or ideas, or even give this a "thumbs up". Thanks!

1 comment:

SuzSaver said...

This tip will be especially helpful for groups, wanting to republish a feed of relevant posts from their members. 

For example, a business organization might have all its members use the label 'news', on articles that meet a certain criteria ie.remodelling,new products,etc. The number of posts in the feed can also be adjusted.

What other ways can you think of powering up your site with a feed of a specific label?

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