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StatCounter- Unique Visitor Count Plus More! [Review]

StatCounter- Which Site Statistics Are You Seeking?

StatCounter offers free cookie-based statistics widgets you can use to determine how successful your site is, and then use those statistics to help improve your site, or increase ad revenues. Here is a brief overview of what StaCounter offers, along with a couple of caveats.
Statistics Available Through StatCounter

SatCounter Free Statistics-

Stas counter has really boosted its game since the last time I visited their site. Now you can get all the following stats free:

  • Log-Size 
  • Invisible Counter Option 
  • Configurable Counter 
  • Configurable Summary Stats 
  • Magnify User 
  • Drill Down 
  • Popular Pages 
  • Entry Pages 
  • Exit Pages Came From 
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Recent Keyword Activity 
  • Search Engine Wars 
  • Visitor Paths 
  • Visit Length 
  • Returning Visits 
  • Recent Pageload Activity 
  • Recent Visitor Activity 
  • Country/State/City Stats 
  • Recent Visitor Google Map 
  • ISP Stats 
  • Browser Stats 
  • O.S. Stats 
  • Resolution Stats 
  • JavaScript Stats 
  • Email Reports 
  • Multiple Site Management 
  • User Access Management 
  • Public Stats 
  • Blocking Cookie
Plus if you want, an upgrade is available that will track https, and you can even brand your stats.  Some of the stats explantations, however leave me wondering if the team understands the stats they are purported ti be supplying , for example unique visitors.

 Unique Visitors : What are Unique Visitors? 

 Stats Counter explains a Unique Visitor as a separate/individual/distinct visitor.While ths may be true in most cases, it does not take into account people networked together with a single ISP at work or home.

Extra Stats are always good to compare with stats generated through Google Analytics, or Tynt. Try the free Statcounter today!

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