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How to DeleteYour Blogger Blog - Tips Plus Points to Ponder!

Deleting Your Blogger Blog? Why? 

 Did you know : If you delete your blog, it will no longer be available online and will be permanently removed from your list of blogs on your Blogger Dashboard. Think carefully before you delete a blog, especially if it is shared by a team!
There are several reasons you might choose to delete a blogger blog, rather than delete the blog, you may wish to make it private,so you are the only reader. However, if you have decided you truly want to shut your Blogger blog down, here are the tips to help you make it disappear.

How to Delete Your Blog:

  1.  First, sign into blogger.com and access your Blogger Dashboard. 
  2. Beside the blog you want to delete, click the drop-down menu to the right of the gray Post List icon. 
  3. Select Settings. 
  4. Click Other (under Settings) on the left side of the page. 
  5. At the top of the page under "Blog tools" click Delete blog. 
  6. On the next pop-up Click "Delete this blog".
The title of your deleted blog will appear in the "Deleted blogs" section for a short time after you delete your blog. During this time period, you can click Deleted blogs on the left side of your Blogger Dashboard to see the titles of your recently deleted blogs.

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