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Wondering About SEO?

What is SEO? Why is it important?

SEO,catch phrase for numerous techniques website masters use to increase search engine page ranking,is also surrounded by a mystique of ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ techniques.This article,inspired by Dan Vanderzwet, defines SEO,and gives some examples of ‘white hat SEO web wizardry’.

SEO : Definition and Explanation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization -in other  words-making it easy for search engines to read and categorize the content of your site.The easier it is for search engines to accurately determine the content of your site,the higher your page ranking will be in search results. There are many techniques which can be used to SEO your site, but stay away from 'black hat 'techniques.

SEO:Black Hat SEO

‘Black Hat SEO’ vs ‘White Hat SEO’ is an ongoing controversy. Many are drawn to using ‘Black Hat SEO’ as a quick fix, unfortunately ‘Black Hat SEO’ is also a fast fail.  Search Engines penalize,and even de-list sites found to be using Black Hat SEO techniques,such as white on white words unrelated to your site, or using competitors’ names as keywords. ‘Black Hat SEO’ also results in a high ‘bounce rate’,as visitors soon discover your site has nothing to do with their search query –further dropping your search engine ranking. Why waste time,money and effort on ‘Black Hat SEO’  techniques,when there is plenty of 'White Hat SEO' that can be done.

SEO: White Hat SEO

'White Hat SEO' or 'White Hat Wizardry' on the other hand, has long lasting effects. Some easy 'White Hat SEO' techniques include:
  • Using appropriate niche keywords in: website names, headers, alt tags on pictures, the first paragraph in an article, as well as
  • Avoiding leaky link lists, and
  • Creating a network of appropriate back links through website listing,  reviews,and leaving appropriate comments on blogs and forums.
  • Using search engines to your advantage  search for your site using keywords,or the name of your site and click the link to your site, and only visit a competitor’s site by typing their actual search address into your browser bar,never clicking their link.
There are many more legitimate custom 'White Hat SEO' techniques that can be used to help your business using statistical analysis of your products, services,and your competitors. If you would like assistance either learning these techniques in a hands –on Skype workshop with others or one on one, this can be arranged. Ob the other hand, if you are short on time, you can contract out 'White Hat SEO' as well.When hiring someone to do SEO work,make sure their work will not place your site in jeopardy of being de-listed. ‘Black Hat SEO’ is a waste of your money.

This article was inspired by Dan Vanderswet of Potash Creek Farms who asked:'I am unfamiliar with the acronym SEO. Can you explain?'
Need SEO Help? No time to work on white hat SEO’ Need a ghost writer? Want your product or service reviewed?  Please post your comment below. Want help with another topic? Post your comment on our Minute to Market Facebook Wall , Tweet Suzanne , or email http://scr.im/webwizard Wishing you success,

About Suzanne Sholer
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Suzanne Sholer BA B.Ed
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G+ Everywhere!

How to Tweet and Share G+Posts ~

G+ has the potential to influence search engine rankings,and the probability of people giving your site more than just a passing glance. Being a multi-tasking timesaver, I  was pleased to run across this tip from Michael Babcock in one of my circles. This tip can save you time, and perhaps eventually help you build better search rankings,and customer confidence.
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How to Email Posts to Your Blogger: 5 Quick Steps!

Save Time! Email Your Posts!

Blogger Tutorial with Pictures by
Skill level: Easy
Using Blogger? You can save time by emailing your posts to Blogger. I used this on a blog where I post all those nifty forwards people send to me, but it’s also a handy option for other people too. Here are the steps to setting up your Blogger blog, so you can save time by emailing your posts to your Blogger account!
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2 Methods of Creating Effective Backlinks!

Effectively Create Back Links to Sites!

Creating Effective Backlinks: Skill Level - Easy  to Intermediate

When sites post a relevant do follow link to you, it can help your SEO by linking back with a relevant "do follow" link. Deep linking to the specific spot where your link is located is preferable to a general link. Note: I highly advise against linking to irrelevant sites, or building hundreds of links overnight - this type of linking can hurt rather than help your search ranking. Here are two ways you can create a list of "Do follow" links of sites linked to you,so you can complete the SEO circuit, and keep search bots running smoothly.These two tips tell how to create a link list using html code that you can insert into a page,or Html box on most sites, and in Blogger using a Gadget. Are you looking for back links to your blog or site with tips about Social Media ?  Please leave a comment below, or contact me directly for link exchange queries.
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