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G+ Everywhere!

How to Tweet and Share G+Posts ~

G+ has the potential to influence search engine rankings,and the probability of people giving your site more than just a passing glance. Being a multi-tasking timesaver, I  was pleased to run across this tip from Michael Babcock in one of my circles. This tip can save you time, and perhaps eventually help you build better search rankings,and customer confidence.

Want to Share Your  G+ post elsewhere? Here's How!

Adapted from a posting by Michael Babcock on G+
Google+ can do long public tweets, you can share even outside your Google+ circles.
When making a post you want to share elsewhere, post it to 'public' on Google+, Then. click the downward arrow in the top-right of the posted item, and choose 'Link to this post'. This will take you to a new URL for that post alone. Sharing that link with people on Twitter or Facebook  will let anyone see the full original post, even if they're not yet a Google+ member.
Michael also suggests using a tool such as http://goo.gl to shorten the address.  Link shorteners,can also give you statistics to lrt you know how many people are clicking your link,as well. Another popular link shortener I use that gives stats is  bit.ly. Each shortener has its own PMI.
Michael adds: The same system applies to linking to others' public posts, as well. This is also a great way to slowly encourage people not yet using Google+ to see its value, and join in the conversation on Google+1
Want to join in the conversation? Join my blog readers G+ circle.

Source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103667648659294389419

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