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How to Email Posts to Your Blogger: 5 Quick Steps!

Save Time! Email Your Posts!

Blogger Tutorial with Pictures by
Skill level: Easy
Using Blogger? You can save time by emailing your posts to Blogger. I used this on a blog where I post all those nifty forwards people send to me, but it’s also a handy option for other people too. Here are the steps to setting up your Blogger blog, so you can save time by emailing your posts to your Blogger account!

5 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Blogger Blog for Email Posts

1. First, Go To Settings.
image Blogger- Click Settings  
2. Next, Click “Mobile & Email”
image Click Mobile and email 
3.Now, under posting options, insert a weird 'secret word' that you will remember.
image Type a Secret Word
4. Then, chose whether to post emails immediately or save as drafts.
image Immediately or draft
5.Finally, Click "Save Settings".
image Click Save settings
Then you just email your posts to the email address you created.

Happy Blogging! Hope this tip helps! This post was inspired by Christine Markell Welch of Freedom Valley Horse Rescue who asked: 'How do I email to my blog?' If this tip is as clear as mud, leave a comment, so I can improve it. If you have another question about another topic, please post it on our Minute to Market Facebook Wall Wall or Tweet me! Suzanne

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