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Picasa Web Album Name Showing Incorrectly? Check This Tip!

    Why does My Picasa Web Album Name Show as the Wrong Account?

    Picasa Web Album questions flood forums more frequently now,since people are realizing Google + is a powerful peer referral tool. Picasa 3.9  offers many of the editing features that Picnik formerly did,and it is now integrated with Google + in addition to Blogger. For location based businesses, Picasa is a great tool,as it allows you to Geotag or map your photos. One problem many managers of multiple accounts face is pictures from one client showing up in another client;s album ,or even their own personal album.This used to happen to me in the beginning too. These tips should help solve that problem.

    Google support offers the following Picasa Web Albums name tips:

    Your Picasa Web Albums Name

    Your Picasa Web Albums name is displayed next to your profile photo. The process for creating or changing your name differs whether or not you've connected your Picasa Web Albums service with Google Profiles.

    Picasa Web Albums without a Google Profile:

    1. Sign in to Picasa Web Albums.
    2. Click the gear icon gear icon at the top of the page and choose Photos settings.
    3. On the General tab, in the "Your Nickname" section, enter the nickname you'd like displayed.
    4. Click Save.

    Picasa Web Albums with a linked Google Profile:

    You'll create or change your display name through Google Profiles. Please follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Picasa Web Albums.
    2. Click the gear icon gear icon at the top of the page and choose Photos settings.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. In the 'Your Nickname' section, click the 'Edit your profile' link.
    5. Change your name on Google Profiles, and click Save changes.

    Note: By default, your Picasa Web Albums nickname is your Google profile ID number when you first sign up for the service. You can find your Google profile ID in your profile URL: http://profiles.google.com/[your unique Google profile ID number].

    You can find your Picasa nickname on your Google Dashboard  -- Remember you can't sign in with your Picasa nickname.

Uploading to the Correct Picasa Web Album

Having multiple accounts can cause some problems with cookies in your browser. To be absolutely sure you are uploading photos to the correct account, the following steps should help: If you have a  Google+ profile, Picasa automatically directs you there rather than to  Picasa Web Albums so if you want to work with Picasa Web Albums directly you need to use this direct link https://picasaweb.google.com/home . Make sure you use the following sign out-sign in routing:

Start Picasa Then follow this Sign in,Sign out routine:

  1. Sign Out In the upper right corner. you should see either a blue ‘Sign out’, or ‘Sign in with Google account. To be sure you are using the correct account,sign out.
  2. Sign into Picasa fresh. - Sign in with your Google account name and password, and check to see if the account name is correct to the left of sign out.
  • Click the link just to the right of your Google account name or email address. (to the left of Sign out). It should be either Web albums, or Google+ Photos.
  • At the upper right, just below the Black bar there should be your name and a icon representing you, or a Sign in Box.
  • If your name is there click it, then click Sign out.
  • Then Sign in again using the desired Google account user name and password.

You should now see all your Photos. in Google+ or Picasa Web Albums aka PWA.

It’s your turn! How well did these tips work for you?

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