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Increasing Adsense Earnings Tips-Placement

Are You Above the Fold?

There are manu different factors involved that influence the likelihood of your ads producing more revenue-whether they are from Google Adense or another affiliate. One of the most important is placing ads where they will be seen. One prime ad spot tends to be ‘above the fold’. Read on to find our how to optimize your ad placement.

Above the Fold — What does it mean?

Placing ads higher on a page can have a big impact on your ad earnings. 'Above the fold' refers to the part of a page viewers immediately see when a page is loaded without having to scroll down. Adsense placed 'Above the fold' are much more likely to be noticed and remembered.The term, 'Above the fold', comes from from the newspaper industry where there’s a physical fold in the paper. In newspapers, stories and headlines above the fold receive more attention, as they are the first items readers see. According to Google Adsense statistics, ads above the fold, tend to outperform below the fold units. Google Adsense stats show the eCPM for above the fold adsense units is about 80% higher, than below the fold units. To get better return on your adsense units,try placing more ad units above the fold.

What is eCPM?

eCPM, a term used in AdSense reports, means, 'effective cost per thousand impressions.'

How is eCPM calculated?
eCPM = total earnings / by total number of impressions in thousands.
eCPM is a great for comparing how your various ads are performing, and is especially useful when experimenting,  for comparing your results.
Even if your site doesn't receive thousands of impressions, eCPM can be a useful statistic to track ad performance.
Teresa Chow gives the example of an experiment involving two custom channels named 'Blue Skyscrapers' and 'Red Rectangles'. If during the test,  'Blue Skyscrapers' channel receives 370 page impressions and $1.48 in total earnings, and  'Red Rectangles' channel receives 187 page impressions and $0.97 in earnings; eCPM for blue skyscrapers is $4.00 while the eCPM for red rectangles is $5.18. Therefore, for that site,you might want to use red rectangles to generate more revenue per impression.
Read the Theresa Chow's Article eCPM -- what exactly is that? on the Google Inside Adsense blog

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1 comment:

Olov Forsgren said...

Placement is important an so is the colors. In the ad select the same colors used on the page so the ads look like the rest of the content on the page. Thanks Suzanne for an interesting blog post.

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