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How to Set Up Google Adsense Ads

Set Up Google AdSense Ads on Blogger Blogs- Simply Click?

If you have a Blogger blog that’s been online for a while, with plenty of text, it’s quite simple to get Google Adsense ads running on your blog. Just starting a new blog? You may need to wait. This post offers a few tips that can help you shorten that waiting period.

Understanding Google Adsense Ads Can Help

Google Adsense Ads are contextually based ads that run according to the content surrounding it. For contextually based ads to work, you need to have written material on your blog. No content? No ads!

How to get lots of Content onto your Blog Fast!

Each post on your blog needs to be between 300 to 600 words. Not the chatty type? Post free content!There are a number of sites that offer free articles which you can repost on your blog, One drawback of using these free articles is generally the articles must be published in their entirety, grammatical errors and spelling errors included gratis.In addition, it is not unique content, and therefore can be quickly se-indexed by search engines,and actually hurt your ranking. Another method to get content for your blog,or site, is to hire a Ghost Writer.

Tips For Hiring a Ghost Writer

Before hiring a Ghost Writer, read through some of their writing to judge the quality of their work. Do they make a great many spelling or grammatical errors? How does their writing rank in search engine results? Do those pieces ranking higher read well,or are they off-putting? (You want to be sure you encourage visitors to your site to return for more.) Once you decide on a Ghost Writer, arm them with lots of material about your business,so they understand your aims, objectives, and target market. Providing your Ghost writer with links to online files will help you get better pieces written, in a shorter period of time, than if they need to search for information. Most importantly, be sure they understand who your competition is, and why.

Content Resources

If you want free articles to post on your site or blog, check out: EzineArticles, GoArticles, or ArticlesBase.
If however, you need a Ghost Writer, look no further-Here I am!
Need a Ghost Writer? Contact Suzanne Sholer today for grammatically correct writing , based on the precepts of marketing psychology, with a dash of White Hat SEO!

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