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Twitter Tips: 7 Tips for Choosing Your Twitter Name - Any More Suggestions?

Choosing Twitter Names? Read this!

Does your Twitter name matter? It depends. What is your purpose for establishing your Twitter name? Are you connecting with offline friends, or is it for business? Either way some of these suggestions may help you.

Twitter Tips : 7 Tips For Choosing Your Twitter Name

  1. Keep Your Twitter Name Short - maximum -15 characters.Tthe fewer characters in your Twitter name, the more space you frinds have for writing you messages, or fowarding your message to others using the reply function and RT  @KawarthaMums, dropped Lakes  
  2. Your Twitter Name Cannot have Spaces.
  3. Your Twitter Name Can Only Contain: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and the underscore character ( _ ).
  4. Your Twitter Name Should Match Your Purpose or Character - A joker?- LOL A Writer? Writes A Minister? Rev
  5. Your Twitter Name Needs to Be Memorable. - Don't use an inside joke,  something too clever, or initials not in Common Usage. You'll also want to steer away from commonly used names, so yours will stand out.
  6. Your Twitter name is Searchable - Businesses may wish to use a top keyword or include their location
  7. Choose Your Twitter Name with Pride.- Would you wear your Twitter name on a name tag? Would you want people to shout your Twitter name out? Can they pronounce it?

Does Your Name Reflect Your Focus? 

Twitter Name Tag - Free to use with link back to this post
Will Your Twitter Name Stand the Convention Test?
I chose my personal Twitter name @SuzSaver to reflect my frugalist nature- I like helping small businesses save time and money by establishing a greater reach in a cost effective manner, but now I am wondering if I should change it. What do you think?
Are you on Twitter? Be sure to leave a comment with your Twitter name, so others can Tweet you! Do you have any tips for choosing a Twitter name? Please add your ideas below.

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