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Optimizing Twitter Time Tips!

How Often Can You Tweet? What Are Twitter Limits?

Business twitter account holders need to bear several limits in mind when posting Tweets. Although a Twitter account can post up to 1,000 Twetts per Day, There are other limits to bear in mind before deciding to use all 1,000 Tweets in one day. First let’s look at all the Twitter limits:

  • Twitter maximum Tweets per day 1,000
  • Maximum 3rd Party Tweets –automated – 150 per hour Signed in 350

Target Audience Limits

Your target audience can also limit the number of Tweets you post in several ways.

  1. Location of target audience.  Are you trying to reach local or global?
  2. Sleep pattern of target audience. When is your audience awake?
  3. Twitter usage pattern of target audience. Will your tweets be seen?
  4. Tweet type acceptance of target audience. Will your tweets interest or repel your audience?

Tweet Type Limits

Finally,the number of tweets you post can also be limited by the type of tweets you post.For example,only posting tweets blasting ads, can lose your target audience faster than anything else.Twitter is first and foremost about conversation. Try to engage at least 1 person each day in an exchange. In addition to a volley,there are many types of general tweets. It is important to utilize a variety of Tweets within a time period,or you may find your account labelled as spam,or rapidly lose followers. John Welsh of United Business Media writes about 7 types of Tweets. Here are 10 Tweet types that I use:

  1. Information Tweet Sharing knowledge is a main reason people follow you. A Tweet with a link from someone you trust and respect, is a great way to have a really important post brought to your attention quickly. Comments and links to others’ writing are especially welcome.
  2. Wise Tweet - A phrase of wisdom that informs your community without a link to an article, picture or video – best done by experts in a field
  3. Introduction Tweet – Introducing new accounts to your community with a brief bio,are more effective #follow recommendations. 
  4. ReTweet – See a great tweet? Share it by posting RT at the front or posting quotes around it MT means you modified it slightly.
  5. Status Tweet –Justin Bieber effectively tweeted his calendar to rise to fame. If you post regularly,be sure to let people know if you will be offline for awhile.
  6. Question Tweet - Feel free to ask questions,but don’t count on getting many replies.
  7. Blog post Tweet – Links to your blog posts can be overdone unless mixed with a variety of tweets,and are best couched with a phrase.
  8. Connection Tweets – After an introduction Tweet, referring people to connect with can be helpful.
  9. Paper.li – Effective paper.li with a descriptive title and topic specific connections are often welcomed. Generic paper/li of all your followers tweets? Tiresome.
  10. Four Square Tips – Tweeting about Four Square check-ins? Add your own flair to make these tweets more palatable.

What Not to Tweet

If you would not read it, don’t Tweet it! Ask yourself:

  • Is your food intake really that interesting? If it is shocking,exotic,or tantalizing – that’s much different Only celebs get their cornflakes retweeted.
  • Do you find foul language fascinating?
  • Do you enjoy reading product lists? Try witty benefit statements that engage an audience.

So how many tweets can you make per day is much more than a simple number.Perhaps the real question is:

How many tweets per day will your market bear?

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