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Twitter Groups – Message Groups !

Twitter Groups Time Saver?

Twitter Groups is an API built on Twitter.I just discovered it and it seems a great idea. How much a time saver it is remains to be seen.However the potential for many to receive your message simultaneously,rather than one-by-one holds great practical applications for safety,as well as communication. Twitter Groups to my way of thinking brings Twitter communications in line with sending an email to a group,or G+ message to groups.

How Can You send a message to several people at once on Twitter?,Just follow these instructions:

How to use Twitter Groups!

  • Step 1: Follow twgroups on Twitter.
  • Step 2: Register!
  • Step 3: Import or Add your followers.
  • Step 4: Create some Groups.
  • Step 5: Assign your followers to groups on the Followers or Groups pages.
  • Step 6: Send Group Messages!
  • Step 7: Tell your friends!

There now you’ve been told my friends,now you can share this Tip with others.

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