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Blog Problem: Blog Opens on Different Site

Solution: Verify Address Through New Blog
A question on Blogger Help Forums inspired today’s post. A user had typed in the address for their blog, but it opened on a totally different site.
Here’s my solution:
You may have misspelled your blog name when you created it- Happens to the best of us Check out what I did with http://Deals4Canda.blogspot.com
To find your lost Blogger blog the easy way:

Go to a blogger blog (Like this one.)
Click "Create a blog" in the top right corner
Create anew blog- (you can never have too many LOL)
Then, after you create your new blog ,you'll see both blogs in your dashboard.
Click “View blog” and note the spelling of your blog name in the address bar.
If you like the way the address is, keep it. If not, you can make a lemon from your lemonade as I did from my typo, or simply delete it, and start fresh.
Happy blogging!
YrHelper Infonut

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Great Tip! Thanks for posting!

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