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3 Big Reasons Your Facebook Ads Suck!

Blogged Tip : Facebook Advertising Failing? Try This! 

Facebook advertising can be very effective.
Is your Facebook advertising getting results?
Here are three big reasons your Facebook ads Suck!
Often people complain their Facebook advertising is not working. It is not the platform.
It is your ads!
This post has three of the biggest mistakes people make with Facebook advertising.
Once you know these mistakes, you will hopefully wil see improved Return On Investment of your advertising dollar.
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Today's post is written out of frustration at seeing businesses throw away their advertising dollars.
So why are your Facebook ads failing?
Here are three reasons your ads Suck.

Three Reasons Your Facebook Advertising Fails 

1. Incorrect Facebook Ad Targeting or Retargetting Facebook allows you to choose a target market for your ads. This can be tricky AND requires advance planning.
 If you are a Facebook user, then you probably have seen Facebook ads that have you wondering
"What on earth were they thinking to send me THIS AD?
For example, ads for events that are over.
Or how about this?
Retargetted ads in another language?
 Cavendish Farms is retargetting me with ads in French. I have also received ads in German and Spanish from other advertisers.
Image Cavendish Farms French Ad
Facebook Ad Fail -Poor Retargetting 
Hello,... I did not respond to your ad in my first language, why would I respond to your ad in another language? 
While some ad retargetting can be very effective -changing the offer or product can work well.
Changing the language???
I call this the Green Eggs and Ham Approach to advertising.
In other words,
If I serve up the same thing in a different way, will you bite?
 This changing the language "Green Eggs and Ham approach" just annoys the potential customer.
What is your advertising department thinking?
Annoy the heck out of people and then maybe, just maybe, they will respond to your offer?
Let's hope you're paying per click and not per view.
 2. Click Bait Advertising. What is click bait advertising?
Click bait is a provocative offer that falls flat after the person clicks the ad.
You've seen these ads.
They usually incorporate some big name restaurant or store and a secret or freebie.

______ Reveals Recipe
You click the ad .
No recipe.
Nothing about the chain .
Something totally unrelated

This type of advertising can blow your ad budget really fast- especially if you have a great headline. If your advertising department  is bragging about the number of clicks your ads are getting, make sure they haven't posted click bait ads. Your offer needs to match your headline.

 3. Poor Funnel Page. Your funnel page is the  page your potential clients first see when they click your ad.
Here is the biggest problem with Facebook advertising - really it is the biggest problem with any advertising.
You may have a really great ad that people click on, but then once they click through, your Funnel page does not capture the potential customer
There are a variety of problems your funnel page may have.
Many businesses have inaccessible or low contrast funnel pages.
There are several reasons people may not be able to read your funnel page.
  • Do you have low contrast on your funnel page? 
  • Does your funnel page use java script
  • Is your funnel page non-responsive? 

Check your funnel page with a variety of devices and browsers!
 The number of people using Mobile devices to access the Internet is growing exponentially if your funnel page is not responsive, then mobile users will not be able to read your offer.
Today, I clicked through an ad by Digital Marketer. I could not read a single thing on the page because the font could not be enlarged on my mobile device.
Then, on top of that, they had "highlighted" large sections of text with a light blue.
Image Funnel page fail -blue highlighting conceals print

On my device it appeared as though it had been heavily censored for cold war secrets.
There are many aspects to creating an effective funnel page, but at the very minimum make sure people can read your funnel page!

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Wishing you success,

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