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Page Impressions vs. Hits vs. Unique Visitors – Which are best?

Page Impressions,hits,unique visitors-Effectively using Site Stats ~

Page Impressions,hits,and unique visitors, are three of the most commonly used terms people pull out when discussing their website effectiveness.What's the best way to gauge the effectiveness of sites? Depends on your view point. What is the purpose of your site? Is it being fulfilled? Often people will state their site statistics to demonstrate the effectiveness of their site, some of these stats can be an effective tool; while others are as useful as - well we have a rather rude farm saying for that here in Canada. Read on to find out which statistics tell you what, and whether you really want to disclose them.
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How to Create Pages Tabs Showing Labelled Posts ~

Display Labelled Posts as Pages In 5 Steps!

Tutorial Level:Intermediate – Requires Fiddling with HTML
Blogger just rolled out a wider blog template with capability of supporting the new expanded Pages Widget, which lets you create up to 19 pages in addition to the standard blog Home page. But the multi-tasker in me, still wanted more.Wouldn't it be great if pages populated themselves? I found a great Blogger Hack and after experimenting with it, I’ve re-blogged it below with a couple of tweaks,and two variations.
Would you like tabs that will call up all the posts by particular labels? This is how I created the tabs for: Blogger Tips,Facebook Tips ,and Twitter Tips,as well as Reviews above. Give it a try, and if you run into problems, drop me a comment,or Contact Me. I can also talk you through the process,or add them to your blog for you, if you’re short on time.

5 Steps to Creating a Tab Displaying Posts with a Particular Label

Adding a Tab to your Pages list in blogger is fairly easy, if you follow the following steps::
  1. First, label your posts according to subjects or categories.
  2. Second, Get the label URL by clicking the label under a post,then copy the URL from the browser address bar. Paste the URL into Notepad.The URL should look like this:
    or if the label has more than one word,like Facebook Tips, the Format will be like this:
  3. Prepare your line of Code. The Pages widget is a link list.,You just need to tweak the label URL a bit to add it as a line to the Pages widget as another link. The line you will insert needs to be formatted as follows:
    <li><a href='YOURLABELURL'>YOUR TAB NAME</a></li>
    for example:
    <li><a href='http://bloggedtips.blogspot.com/search/label/Facebook%20Tips'>Facebook Tips</a></li>
  4. Next,Insert the code.
    Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
        Tick the Expand Widget Templates box on top right of the HTML window.
  5. Put the code for the additional line, right after </b:loop> and just before the end of the unordered links list</ul>.     Look for the line of code in the Pages widget like this:
<li><a expr:href='data:link.href'><data:link.title/></a></li>
    <b:include name='quickedit'/>

    5. Finishing steps  Preview your changes before saving. If the preview will not show, delete all changes and start over, you nay have misplaced a punctuation mark. Otherwise, simply save, and enjoy!


  • To make the link open in a new window or tab, add target="_blank" attribute right after href="YourLink".
  • To add the new tabs before the static pages insert the code at the beginning of the link list right after"<ul>"
So, how will you use your label Tabs to ‘sup’ up your Blogger Blog?  I’m adding it to our village eZine Omemee Pigeon eFlyer to create lists of Featured articles.
When you use this tip.please leave a comment with a link to your handiwork, so we can enjoy it too!
Looking Forward to seeing your handiwork!
See the Original Article: Add Label Tabs to Navigation Bar
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Free Essential Blogging Tool:Notepad?

Notepad Review,and Tutorial!

Notepad: Who Needs It?

Forums are filled with people asking why their feed stopped working,usually it has to do with incompatible code that has been copied from another document along with the formatting. Read on to find out how the Free program Notepad, is an essential tool for Bloggers.
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Automatically Publishing Your Blog To Facebook?: RSS Graffiti!

RSS Graffiti Beats Networked Blogs -Review

RSS GraffitiWhile Networked Blogs helps bring higher Search Engine ranking,and can bring more followers to your blog,than RSS Graffiti , when it comes to increasing the sharing of your posts, RSS Graffiti beats Networked Blogs hands down. While I highly recommend registering your blog at Networked Blogs, I am in the midst of switching al my blog feeds to RSS Graffiti.  Want to know why? Leave a comment,and I'll answer.

I;m writing this on the fly,and hoping to finish it tomorrow.After I reset my feeds to RSS Graffiti When I get a question,I’ll know someone wants the answer,and I’ll finish this post.


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5 Blog Myths Keeping People From Blogger!

Blogger Baloney!

Where these myths started, I have no idea, but I am fed up with these fallacies getting in the way of people using great free tools. Have you heard these myths? Are any of these holding you back?  Are there other blogging myths you've heard? Please share! Let's bury these once and for all!
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