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Automatically Publishing Your Blog To Facebook?: RSS Graffiti!

RSS Graffiti Beats Networked Blogs -Review

RSS GraffitiWhile Networked Blogs helps bring higher Search Engine ranking,and can bring more followers to your blog,than RSS Graffiti , when it comes to increasing the sharing of your posts, RSS Graffiti beats Networked Blogs hands down. While I highly recommend registering your blog at Networked Blogs, I am in the midst of switching al my blog feeds to RSS Graffiti.  Want to know why? Leave a comment,and I'll answer.

I;m writing this on the fly,and hoping to finish it tomorrow.After I reset my feeds to RSS Graffiti When I get a question,I’ll know someone wants the answer,and I’ll finish this post.



Eric Johnson said...

So why are you switching your blog feeds to RSS?

Buzz said...

Hmm.....Yes I'd like to know why?

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