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Twitter Meets Photobucket – Concerns?

Twitter Introduces In-Tweet Photos - Will It Influence Your Tweets?

Twitter's new introduction of direct uploading has people speculating about the future of 3rd party apps, such as TwitPics, that were developed specifically to upload pictures to Twitter. How will the ability to upload pictures directly into the Twitter stream affect your Tweets? For me.this new introduction has been a pain, because I am getting constant invitations to share a photo from Twitter,each time I go to my mentions category. I went in search of an answer in the FAQ,which gives some background info on their new 'option'.

Want to know how to Upload Pics directly to Twitter? Here are some of  the FAQ adapted from Twitter:

How to Upload Pictures Directly to Twitter

Uploading and sharing images on Twitter.com is easy! Below you’ll find a brief how-to and some answers to common questions about uploading images on Twitter - right from your Tweet box!
Where do I upload my image?
When you click inside the Tweet box on your homepage or on the New Tweet button, you will see two small icons in the lower left hand corner, one for adding your location (a compass), and one for uploading an image (a camera).
How large can my image be?
You can upload any image 3MB or smaller.
They’ll scale the image for you to fit into the display pane on the right side of your Twitter.com timeline.
What do I do after I hit the “Upload image” camera icon?
When you clicking the camera icon to upload an image,  you will be prompted to locate the image you want to upload on your computer.
After attaching the image to your Tweet,  you’ll see the character count to the left of the Tweet button update. Note: links to images take up some characters, but a picture's worth a thousand words right?
If you selected the wrong image, or change your mind about sharing an image, just click the 'x' control in the thumbnail, or next to the filename to delete the current image.
Then, simply type your tweet and hit the Tweet button.
After your Tweet has been sent, click the Tweet to view the image in the display pane. Note: In some browsers, may only show  the file name instead of the thumbnail:
What does 'powered by Photobucket' mean?
Your images are stored Photobucket, down the road Twitter is planning to offer other hosting options.
Will Twitter continue to support Flickr, Twitpic, yFrog etc?
Yes. You’ll be able to view images hosted on most 3rd party images providers indefinitely.-Now this answer puzzled me- most - Which 3rd Party Apps will not be seen?
What’s the deal with protected accounts?
Protected accounts will work the same way with images as they do with text Tweets: you won’t be able to see images from protected accounts unless you’re following the account.
Can you comment on an image?
Yes, just reply to the Tweet containing the image.
How do I delete an image?
You can delete an image by deleting the Tweet containing this image. Once a Tweet is deleted, the image will be be made unavailable. It may still be cached in some browsers and servers, but the image will no longer be available from Twitter.
Will Twitter have galleries of my images?
Not at first. But in the coming weeks, we’ll add user media galleries, which will let you see the images a user has shared on Twitter. The user galleries will include images a user has shared on Twitter, including those uploaded via other services, such as Twitpic, yfrog, and Instagram.
Will all images appear in search?
Unless you have a protected account, there is always a chance that your image will appear in search results. If you have a protected account, your images should never show up in search results. If you change my account to 'protected,' images previously shared by you when your account was public non-followers will receive  an error page.Your images will still be viewable by your followers.

The one question I have remains unanswered - How can we prevent eyespam?
Eyespam? Yes from those pesky Tweeters who are so certain that you are dying to view their nether regions. Perhaps this is a job for Proxlet! Will you be uploading more photos into your Twitter Stream with this new innovation?

Oh,yes those pesky invitations finally stopped,after sending a screen shot to Twitter. Not sure if it was the message,the use of their App,or simply the end of the loop. I'm just glad it's over,and I can get back to my regular Tweets. How is this new innovation affecting you? Love it? Hate it? Have some tips to share?

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