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Oops! Twitter Blocking - Twitter Unblocking - Why, How, Free Tools! [Post in progress]

Twitter Tip - Blocking and Unblocking Twitter Accounts

Reader Q - How Do I See Which Twitter Accounts I Blocked?

Using Twitter? Sometimes by a slip of a finger, we might block a Twitter account accidentally, or we might change our mind about a Twitter account we previously blocked. This post has information on Blocking and unblocking Twitter accounts that you may find useful. 

Twitter- Blocking -Talk to The Hand!

If someone blocks you on Twitter, and you try to Tweet them, you will get the message:

Twitter -Whom Did I Block?

Are there Twitter accounts you haven't heard from in a while? Perhaps they're blocked! This is what I discovered when I started searching for answers for this reader. Of the accounts I had blocked, there were two I was surprised to find in the blocked list!

Twitter Unblocking Accounts 

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3 Reasons to Send Your Facebook Page to Twitter Plus How To!

Why Send Your Facebook Page Updates To Twitter

Should you syndicate your Facebook Page updates to Twitter? Many debate the value of sending updates automatically from one social platform to another. While there are some syndications I advise against,  I highly recommend syndicating your Facebook Page to Twitter. This post has my three top reasons for sending your Facebook Updates automatically to Twitter, and a step by step tutorial on how to set up your Facebook to Twitter Syndication.

3 Reasons You Want To Syndicate Your Facebook to Twitter

Why syndicate your Facebook Page Feed feed to Twitter?
Syndication of regular sharing tasks allows you more time to do real social work-engaging with new potential clients and building a rapport. Why not Syndicate your Facebook Profile Updates to Twitter? Why not syndicate Twitter to Facebook? Leave a comment and we can cover these in future posts. Which would you like to here about first?
Syndicating your Facebook Page updates to Twitter offers several advantages for Facebook Page admins including:
  1. Facebook Syndication Brings New Active Facebook Fans. Skillfully syndicating your Facebook Page Updates to Twitter can draw new Facebook fans to your page who are used to being interactive. Facebook pages need active Fans to succeed with organic reach.
  2. Facebook Syndication Allows Longer Messages. Skillfully syndicating your Facebook Page Updates to Twitter can allow you to post longer messages that Twitter friends can access by following the link back to Facebook. Basically a form of the Twit Longer App except it drives traffic to your Facebook rather than a third party App.
  3. Facebook Syndication Save Time. Skillfully posting on Facebook and having it appear on Twitter simultaneously is a big time saver.  However, do NOT simply syndicate your Facebook to Twitter and leave it. Twitter audiences are very social and appreciate interaction. You need to show up in person on a regular basis.
Did you notice I said "Skillfully" syndicating your Facebook Page to Twitter? If you choose to syndicate your Facebook Page updates to Twitter, you will need to remember this syndication is in place when you post to Facebook to get the most out of your Facebook messages. More about the best types of messages for Facebook syndicators in the next post.

How To Syndicate Your Facebook Page to Twitter

Each time I set up a syndication package for a client, this is part of the procedure I follow. Want to Syndicate your Facebook page updates to Twitter yourself? Follow these steps:

To connect your Facebook Page Updates to Twitter.
  1. Log into the Twitter account where you want your Facebook updates to show.
  2. Log into Facebook.
  3. Go to https://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  4. Click "Link to Twitter" beside the Facebook Page you want to syndicate to Twitter
  5. Click "Authorize App" when asked "Authorize Facebook to Use Your Account?"
  6. Edit Settings. Choose which activities to syndicate. 
  7. Close Facebook Tab.
That's IT! Congratulations! You've now Connected your Facebook Page to Twitter! Go make a post on Facebook, and see how it shows up on Twitter! You can experiment with a few different types of posts, or  read our next Post : Using Facebook- Twitter Syndication Effectively.
Thanks for reading Blogged Tips. 
What Facebook Frustrations, Twitter Troubles or Blogger Bits would you like help with? Leave me a comment or connect on LinkedIn.


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Free Embeddable Online Character Count Tool by JavaScriptKit! 5 SEO Tips Using JavaScriptKit Tools!

How Many Characters? Great SEO Tool!

Need Search Engine Optimization? Long tail key words in your first 150 characters for meta descriptions are essential. Count your characters, and find out how embedding this tool on your site could help increase your SEO.
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