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Facebook Introduces Timeline - Opinions?

Facebook Timeline: Review ~

Facebook Timeline for personal profiles rolls out within the next few weeks. Samuel W. Lessin, a Facebook product manager, outlined some of the highlights on the Facebook blog last Thursday.  Here is my take on the new changes, including praise,and a caveat. What do you think of the changes? Have your say in the comments below.

Facebook Timeline:Woah! Where did Everything Go?

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Increasing Adsense Earnings Tips-Placement

Are You Above the Fold?

There are manu different factors involved that influence the likelihood of your ads producing more revenue-whether they are from Google Adense or another affiliate. One of the most important is placing ads where they will be seen. One prime ad spot tends to be ‘above the fold’. Read on to find our how to optimize your ad placement.
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Google Adword Suspended? Disapproved? Try This!

Disapproved Google Adwords May Need Tweaking – Suspended? Tweak Your Site!

Often Suspended or Disapproved Google Adwords,may only need a little Tweaking to fulfill advertising policies. Here;s how to find out what needs to be fixed,and what to do,once you have remedied the problem.
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FB Tips – Migrate Personal Profile Friends to Page Likes!

How to Turn a Personal Profile into a Page

Frequently, businesses and organizations,and public figures mistakenly create a personal profile instead of a page.There are many advantages to having a page , rather than a personal profile, for your group, business ,or organization. For example: pages are not limited in the number of ‘Likes’ they can have,other pages can tag your page,making it easier to do cross-promotions,and there are numerous Apps only available to pages. These easy steps will help you convert your personal profile into a page,so all your ‘friends’ turn into ‘Likes’, and your profile pictures will be transferred.

First-Save Your Facebook Profile Information

When you convert your profile to a Facebook Page, the Facebook program transfers your profile pictures. and adds your friends as people who like your page. However, no other content will be carried over to your new page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning your migration. To avoid losing important content, do the following :
  1. Download your profile information. You can download a file that contains all of your sent, and received messages and all of the photos and videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook.
  2. Set up a personal profile, if you don’t have one already,and ‘Like’ Your page using the new personal profile.Appoint your new personal profile as admin of any groups or pages that you currently manage using the profile. The account you’re converting will lose its admin rights during the conversion process.-Remember to include any networked blogs in this conversion as well.

Next Convert your Profile Into a Facebook Page

When you are ready to convert your profile to a Page, Go to  the Facebook Page Creation Migration Page.
When setting up your Facebook page,you may find my article ‘10 Easy Steps to Setting up A Facebook Page’ Helpful.
Be sure to leave a comment and let me know about your new Facebook page,so I can personally pop over and congratulate you!

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Need Help Setting Number of Posts to Display ?

Setting Number of Blogger Posts to Display –Two Ways

Have your blog already set up, but want to change the number of posts displayed? Here are 2 ways to change the number of posts displayed starting at your blog page when you are signed in:
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How to Repost A Blog Feed Using Labels -

Repost a Feed of Specific Posts!

Ever wish you post a feed of specific articles? You can!

This little trick is a tweak added to info from Blogger Help, with a dash of my Feedburner experience. By using labels, you can select specific posts to add to a feed, and republish them with the "Buzz Boost" option on Feedburner. Similarly, if a blog you read is using labels, and has site feeds enabled, you can pick  and choose which topics you want to subscribe to as well.

The format for label feeds is this:


Blog help cautions:
Be sure to substitute in the correct blog address for blogname and the label you're interested in for labelname. Also, don't miss the hyphen ("-") in the URL. That's not a typo!
An additional caveat- Blogger Help left out this important info: If you are wanting a feed of a multi-word label,be sure to include" %20" between the words.
For example,
If you only wanted the Twitter Tips articles from Blogged Tips, you would replace the coloured sections as shown below:


How to Republish Specific Articles Using Feed Burner
These tips will help you republish a feed of specific posts using a Feedburner.
  1. Select the posts you wish to republish,and create a label for them.ie.Twitter Tips
  2. Sign into feedburner.com
  3. Burn a new feed using the label name feed as shown above.
  4. Select the 'Publicize" tab ad create a 'Buzz boost'
  5. Post the html code in an html box on your site, blog etc,
Here is the Resulting Buzz Boost of our Twitter Tips:

Ref:Can I get site feeds for specific labels?
Tool Used: Feedburner
Skill level: Medium (involves copying and pasting html)

Was this tip helpful for you? How are you using label feeds? Please take a second to share your thoughts, questions, or ideas, or even give this a "thumbs up". Thanks!
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Facebook Expands Tagging While Rolling Out Privacy Clarity!

Tagging! Tagging! Everyone Everywhere!

Tag You're It!

image facebook tagging people

Facebook recently unveiled changes to make it easier to share posts, photos, tags, and other content with exactly the people you want,even days after you've posted. The most lauded changes however, are the ability to approve tagged photos before they appear on your profile, the new ability to tag EVERYONE- friend or not on Facebook, and now even non-smartphone users can 'check into' locations. How will Facebook's new changes affect the way you use Facebook?

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