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How Does Google Adsense Help My Site?

Google Adsense: Put your Sites to Work

Google Adsense makes Sense

Have you ever clicked an ad to find out more information? Four people were happy-you received information, the advertiser caught your eye (and maybe made a sale), Google Adsense added to their effectiveness statistics, AND the site owner was paid. Find out the advantages to using Google Adsense on your site or blog and learn how I make money with Google Adsense.

There are few major sites, where you will not find Google Adsense. Google Adsense has become as ubiquitous to online browsing, as commercials between television programs. Properly placed ads can be a welcome addition to a site, rather than a noisy interruption. When people ask "Isn't it kind of tacky to have ads all over the place?", my response is, "How do you feel about ads on your local newspaper sites, or search results?" People don't usually even think about them. Google ads, are just part of the landscape.
Google ads, when properly placed, can bring in money while you sleep. I believe Google Adsense also helps with Search Engine rankings since the Google search engines crawl your site in order to add appropriate contextual advertising to your site.

 As this YouTube shows, you have control over the look and placement of the ads on your site. The Adsense units on my sites that bring in the most revenue, tend to be word units, but your viewers may be different than mine, so experiment, and find out what works for you.

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