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Twitter Tool-Read this Before Using FollowFriday Helper

FollowFriday Helper Tips

Using Twitter? #FollowFriday or #ff, may be something you're familiar with, or quite new. Follow Friday is a way of recommending certain people as worthy of following, but how do you decide whom to recommend or follow? What is the best way of recommending someone? What do yo need to watch for when you are using this handy tool?

Why Do You Recommend A Twitter User?

To me,the most useful recommendations tell something about the person, or list you are recommending to the rest of your Twitter Followers.My preferred method of recommending a Twitter User, is to either Retweet (repeat) something a new follower has written, or mention a piece of their work along with a link to their work. Lately, however, my followers are increasing exponentially. This makes it tricky to keep up.

Why Use FollowFriday Helper?

FollowFriday Helper is a great tool, to help you make sure you don’t miss thanking someone who interested with you on Twitter.FollowFriday helper will look at your account and make recommendations about which accounts to thank. Giving the reason-“they mentioned you” or “they retweeted one of your messages”. With Follow Friday Helper, you can automatically tag a recommendation with any day of the week, or a variety of other tags,such as #Thanks. There are two different ways of using Follow Friday Helper: creating Multiple #FF (aka a list), or creating personal #FollowFridays.
Multiple #FollowFridays and #Thanks If you're in a hurry, but want to make sure your tweeps know that you're there and you care, #FollowFriday's multi-user tweet builder works great! Unfortunately,since it is a ‘bot it can’t tell the difference between a conversation,and a spam mention Since the increasing popularity of using tools like Follow Friday Helper,there are more and more of there spammy messengers being unwittingly recommended. It is for this reason, I am nore likley to retweet,or follow a Personal #FollowFriday recommendation.

Personal #FollowFriday Recommendations

Personal #FollowFriday, recommendations give an indication of why an individual, or even a group of individuals,should be followed. While everyone has their personal favourites to recommend, I have several categories of people whom I recommend using personal #FollowFridays.
Super Followers -
Whom would you class as a super follower? While I appreciate each and every one of my followers, I like to give an extra special tip of the hat to followers who make a difference in my online interactions.
Off Stream Followers The top people, I recommend, are those people,who are following my work both on and off the Twitter Stream through networked blogs, Google Friend Finder, and so on. I especially appreciate, those people who have read an article,commented, and shared it on Twitter. Acknowledging these types of followers not only is polite, it can encourage other Twitter users to follow suit.If the person is not on Twitter, a nice note of Thanks is to give them a shout out,then send them a link to the Tweet you created.
News Spreaders These are the people who Retweet your messages, and potentially bring you more readers and followers. You’ll find people mentioning these as “Thanks for the RTs”
Chatters Chatting with friends is why Twitter was really created.People who carry on a conversation with you by mentioning your Twitter name with @ in front can show others there is a person behind the tweets, and your account is not just another unmanned ‘bot Note: there are bots out there who are Retweeting my messages-I appreciate my Tweets being spread by these accounts too.You might write”#FF shout to Thanks for chatting”
Listers Did someone place you on a list that has some meaning to it? Being on a list can help bring you more followers as well. Be sure to thank them-Note I don’t expect to be thanked by the accounts I place on my “do not follow list”-that’s another story.
People Who Follow You It is especially nice when people follow you without you having followed them first.Those who follow you back, are also very special.Thereaaaaaare few accounts I do not follow back,This can created a deluge of Direct messages, however,and make it difficult to know when an account is sending you an important Direct message.Since I get so many spaw DM’s I ask my followers to give me a heads up and mention they are sending me a DM


FollowFriday Helper allows you to quickly see which Twitter users have 'retweeted' your messages, or sent a message to you. However, since it is 'bot' based you will want to exercise a modicum of judgement, or you may find yourself recommending accounts which have simply sent you a spammy Tweet. If you receive a Personal recommendation,it is screen shot worthy.You may want to take a  picture of it and create a scrapbook. This week, I think I’ll start a Wall of fame in appreciation of my followers.How do you show your appreciation?
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