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Twitter Tool-Read this Before Using FollowFriday Helper

FollowFriday Helper Tips

Using Twitter? #FollowFriday or #ff, may be something you're familiar with, or quite new. Follow Friday is a way of recommending certain people as worthy of following, but how do you decide whom to recommend or follow? What is the best way of recommending someone? What do yo need to watch for when you are using this handy tool?

Why Do You Recommend A Twitter User?

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Embedding Google Maps? Simple Code Tweak to Avoid Overlaps

Quick Tip Helps Keep Embedded iFrames From Spilling Over!

Google Maps and YouTube, are just two of the commonly embedded elements people add to their blogs and websites using iframes. When you first set up iframe content, it may look very nice, but should you narrow the column in which they are embedded, they can spill over, creating a mess of your blog or page. This problem can be easily avoided with this simple tweak.
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How to Create Multiple Pictures Under Your Blogger Banner

Update: Scorpy. Roy has disappeared from Google, so I removed the link to his profile.  I believe I may have another solution to this problem and will blog it soon. 
While looking for a solution for another problem, I came across this great tip on how to create a row of picture links under a blogger banner, from
Scorpy Roy a graphic designer offers three solutions, each with a varying level of difficulty. Difficulty, just as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Being more conversant with code than creating images, for me the easiest solution is using the CSS code solution offered by Scorpy Roy. Which solution is easiest for you? Be sure to leave a link to show how you used this tip.
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