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PrintFriendly Button Add it Today!

Environmentally Friendly PrintFriendly Saves Trees

Difficulty level: Easy to Intermediate

Help your blog or website visitors save paper and ink when printing things from your blog or website by installing a free PrintFriendly Widget.  Usually web pages do not look the same on printed and will sometimes take reams more paper as well.  If you are uncomfortable with fiddling with html code, you might like to simply add a link to the PrintFriendly site  so readers can input your page url themselves. Here are the details from their site:
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Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger

Blogger: Real Time Stats, Reliability Make Blogger Tops

See Blogger's video take on their new innovations, and read my opinion of the changes too. Be sure to subscribe to receive email updates on new Blogger tools and tips.Subscribe to Blogged Tips by Email to get new updates about innovations Blogger is rolling out.
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iGoogle,Gmail Blogging Tips

Quick Blogger Posts : Blogger Posting Gadget
Find out different ways to blog directly from email  or your iGoogle home page to a Blogger blog.

The Blogger Posting Gadget is meant to save people time by allowing them to post directly from their Gmail account and iGoogle home page. I love time saving gadgets, but I think there are better, more versatile solutions, As alternatives, I suggest using the "Add this" browser extension for posting online content and setting up the option to email to Blogger. The "Add This" browser extension allows you to blog online content to a multitude of sites, thus it is much more versatile then the Blog Post Gadget. Emailing directly to a Blogger blog can also be done from any email client, thus giving more versatility once again. See the directions below for using "eMail to Blogger" , "Add This" , and "Blogger Post Gadget".
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Blog Problem: Blog Opens on Different Site

Solution: Verify Address Through New Blog
A question on Blogger Help Forums inspired today’s post. A user had typed in the address for their blog, but it opened on a totally different site.
Here’s my solution:
You may have misspelled your blog name when you created it- Happens to the best of us Check out what I did with http://Deals4Canda.blogspot.com
To find your lost Blogger blog the easy way:
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Handy Twitter Tool Tweet Spinner


TWITTER Tuesday Tool Profile

Tweet Spinner just popped onto my horizon through a Tweet from “@georgeclegg” who apparently uses it to manage his followers. I am starting to really see the value in having a utility like Tweet Spinner as my followers are starting to climb exponentially, and I want to be sure I follow people back who take the time to follow me. At the same time, I’m getting a little tired of tagging after some of these accounts that want to send me spammy DM messages, and don’t even have the courtesy to follow me back.
Tweet Spinner Features List
Here are the features available in Tweet Spinner:
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